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Income Outlook

Many medical transcriptionists do not have traditional jobs or salaries. Most work on a free-lance basis, some have their own transcription business, or they may work for someone else’s transcription business. Their income is based on production meaning the faster they work, the more money they can make.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the average income for a Medical Transcriptionist is $35,540.

While most free-lance jobs will not come with any benefits, a free-lance medical transcriptionist will have the freedom to work hours that fit their own personal schedules and could save on child-care, clothing and transportation costs.

Is medical transcription becoming obsolete?

The field of Medical Transcription includes Medical Transcriptionists and Medical Transcription Editors. Both of these jobs are true work-at-home careers that offer you the flexibility to work when it fits your schedule with out a commute, daycare costs, and expensive work clothes.

The field of medical transcription has evolved with the advent of new technologies, especially voice recognition software. A traditional Medical Transcriptionist will convert voice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians or other healthcare professionals, into text format. Some healthcare providers now use speech recognition software to translate a physician’s dictation into text, however, this software is not perfect and there is still a need for Medical Transcription Editors to correct and edit these reports.

Medical transcription is not for everyone, as you are paid on production, so this career is ideal for those who are self-motivated, have good typing skills and attention to detail.

Career Step has a program that not only covers the medical background you need for this career, but also sharpens your typing skills and teaches you the proper grammar and punctuation you will need to become a successful Medical Transcriptionist.